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Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge And Other Galaxy Phones Overheating And Draining Battery After Update: Uninstall Oculus App To Fix It


Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, S7 and S7 edge owners are reporting that their smartphones are overheating and draining battery quickly, similar to the problems with some Galaxy Note 7 replacements, but this time around, it looks like the Oculus app is to blame. According to users on Reddit, the issues ...

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Great Weatherproof Gear That’ll Keep You PFC-Free This Autumn


Move over, BPA. Step aside, parabens. Perfluorocarbons are the environment’s new public enemy number one. The compounds, found in many common household items (look for keywords like “nonstick” or “stain-resistant”), have been the subject of several incriminating exposes in recent years. Last year, PFC-laced runoff from a DuPont’s manufacturing plant ...

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