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New infosec products of the week​: May 26, 2017


Independent expert advice on Data Protection and GDPR For many organisations, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) now mandates the appointment of an independent Data Protection Officer (DPO). In response to this, BH Consulting has launched a new DPO-as-a-Service offering in order to assist clients in meeting their data protection ...

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New class of attacks affects all Android versions


Researchers have demonstrated how a malicious app with two specific permission can stealthily compromise users’ Android devices. “The possible attacks include advanced clickjacking, unconstrained keystroke recording, stealthy phishing, the silent installation of a God-mode app (with all permissions enabled), and silent phone unlocking + arbitrary actions (while keeping the screen ...

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Bogus anti-WannaCry apps cropping up on Google Play


While the world is still battling the WannaCry ransomworm menace, fraudsters have decided to exploit the threat’s visibility and users’ confusion to make them install fake Android apps that supposedly protect against it. WannaCry hits Russia’s postal service Reuters has reported on Wednesday that the Russian postal service was among ...

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