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Moto E3 Press Images Get Leaked Along With More Details

Lenovo-owned Motorola previously unveiled its plans to refurbish its current Moto E lineup by introducing its third generation, aptly named the Moto E3.

In an earlier report, Tech Times has detailed that the upcoming E3 will sport a 5-inch HD 720p display that is evidently an upgrade from the previous 4.5-inch predecessor. This display and its core components will be powered by a 2,800 mAh battery which, according to the company, will be enough to last a full day’s worth of use — a figure that may presumably be attributed to its compact and light build that requires lower energy consumption in contrast to other heftier phones, thus, more functionality equals more energy.

Furthermore, the Moto E3 is expected to run on Android OS 6.0 Marshmallow, Android M for short, which carries the batter-saving app, Doze. This should contribute to the phone’s battery life before a charge is needed, as the app automatically puts devices in sleep mode whenever it’s on standby while keeping the smartphone ready for use.

Important to note too is that consumers won’t have to wait for the (slow) Android M update, unlike the delayed rollouts for other carriers.

As for other internal specs, the reported quad-core CPU will be none other than a Mediatek processor, combined with 1 GB of RAM. The assumed 8 GB internal memory is confirmed and users will have the option of upgrading it to 32 GB through its external microSD slot.

On the outside, the Moto E3 carries an 8 MP back-facing camera, while a 5 MP front-facing camera is perfect for capturing those selfie moments. The phone’s outer case was also earlier revealed to be protected by a “built-in smudge-resistant screen protector,” though, we lacked the necessary details at that point to conclude that it would be the usual Gorilla Glass protection that most devices use, including other Moto E models.

Today, the leaks do detail that the phone will use the company’s self-branded Splash Guard feature that uses a nano-coating technology to protect the device from accidental spills from all sides; even those pesky little holes that are a pain to dry off. It’s safe to assume that this should add to the claimed smudge-resistance.

According to the leak, the complete phone will come in only at 8.5 mm (0.33 inch) thin and should weigh about 135 to 140.6 g (4.76 to 4.96 ounces).

The Moto E3 is expected to dominate its targeted market of cheap and affordable phones that function like premium flagships. Carrying a price tag of £99 or about $130, the newest Motorola handset is expected to launch in the UK this coming September, with a global release reportedly scheduled soon after.

The leaked renders are posted below, courtesy of TechDroider:

(Photo : TechDroider)

(Photo : TechDroider)

(Photo : TechDroider)

Photo: Marcus Jeffrey | Flickr

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