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OnePlus 3 UK Price And Delay Post-Brexit: Launching On July 11 At £20 Higher Price

The steady decline of the British pound post-Brexit has forced OnePlus to increase the price of its flaghip smartphone, which also suffered delays. Starting on July 11, the OnePlus 3 will cost £20 more in the UK. 
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The OnePlus 3 will see some changes in the UK post-Brexit, soon retailing at a higher price than initially announced.

Britain’s exit from the European Union stirred heavy waves worldwide and the move was bound to take a toll on a number of areas.

When OnePlus announced that the OnePlus 3 would be delayed for nearly two weeks in the UK, the company cited some “slight output delays” and a “schedule misalignment,” but speculation was rife that Brexit might have something to do with it.

With Britain leaving the EU, trade agreements between the UK and the EU fell off the table and, implicitly, the move also affected agreements between OnePlus and its suppliers.

The economic consequences stemming from the Brexit vote are now taking a toll on the price of the OnePlus flagship, forcing the company to increase the smartphone’s price tag while the British pound keeps losing in value.

“[W]e’ve seen a downward trend for the Pound against the USD over the past two years,” OnePlus explains. “While we’ve held off action for as long as we can, the sharp drop witnessed in the currency markets following the Brexit decision has forced us to re-evaluate the OnePlus 3’s pricing in the UK at a time of significant demand.”

Starting on July 11, the OnePlus 3 selling in the UK will be sporting a £329 price tag, that is, £20 higher than the price for those who already purchased or preordered the handset. The spike affects only the price of the handset, not accessories.

OnePlus mentions its reluctance to spike the smartphone’s price so soon after launch, but the steady decline of the British pound against the U.S. dollar left it with “extremely thin margins” and virtually no other choice.

On the bright side, OnePlus gave customers a heads-up and those who plan on purchasing the OnePlus 3 can still get it at the original £309 price until July 11. OnePlus says it’s prepared to take the financial hit for purchases made in this period, until the price hike goes into effect.

On the down side, the OnePlus 3 update that brings improved RAM management, sRGB mode and more has been halted for now, as OnePlus is looking into reported issues.

The company doesn’t go into details, but OnePlus 3 owners have taken to the OnePlus forums to complain about the smartphone sending its unique IMEI number to OnePlus servers whenever it tries to check for updates. Moreover, the data is transmitted over unencrypted HTTP, which means it leaves the handset vulnerable to hacks. OnePlus did not confirm whether this issue is the cause of the temporary halt in the update’s rollout, but we’re suspecting it has a lot to do with it.

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