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Computers and Evolution
Computers and Evolution

Computers and Evolution

The advent of the  computer  age may suggest a further step in the evolutionary process. The control of more and more of the natural world by our species indicates that we may be approaching the limit to further advances in this regard.

The further advance of mans domination now resides in the increased development of his mind. But, this part of the evolutionary process, the advance in mans ability to think, has been aided by;  and  now may be surpassed by, the recent advances in  computer   technology .

Now, our dependence on these machines has become total, as they are being incorporated more and more into the activities of our daily lives. The even more recent development of the internet has extended the evolutionary horizon even more dramatically, as all people in different regions of the world are becoming more and more involved with each other by communication over the internet.

This  computer  involvement in daily living may be the evolutionary advance of the future, as the  technology  becomes more sophisticated. This sharing of ideas(knowledge), or communication, is now at the forefront of the advance of the civilized world. It crosses national boundaries and the limitations imposed by racial barriers.

One might even call this evolution a revolution due to the radical nature of the interaction between man and machine. This interaction between living beings and inanimate objects is a departure from the usual interpretation of evolution.

One consequence that is beginning to become evident is that man has begun to venture into ‘hyperspace’, and have participation in, or involvement with, mental images that substitute for everyday reality. This interaction of the human mind  and   computer   technology  signals the beginning of a journey ending in an outcome that is difficult to comprehend, in all of its’ complexities.

Source by David F. Hamilton

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