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Computers Vs Money
Computers Vs Money

Computers Vs Money

So, I’ve been going on different computer forums, and every single day I see at least one post, saying something like “$1500 budget. Need help with Build”. So I go in the thread, type out my opinions and personal experiences, some suggestions, and wallah, I try to help them.

Now, what bugs me is when there’s a thread that says something with an outrageous budget, like “$5000 Budget. Need Build suggestions”. So, I go in there, and they have all of these super-expensive computer parts, just beyond high-end, to the point where it’s a completely enthusiast machine.

If you know anything about computers, how to build them, and how to select parts, you know that some things are out of your reach. But just going all out on a computer seems somewhat absurd to me. For example, say you have $1200 to spend on a computer, and you spend it on a 22″ monitor, and quality computer parts for a good mid-range gaming computer. Now, I would be very happy with that; overall, it will give some very nice performance.

Now, compare that to a $3000 dollar machine equipped with the most expensive CPU, 2 of the most expensive GPU’s, the most expensive motherboard that allows dual-GPU configurations, 2GB of DDR3 RAM, a ridiculously large, expensive case with flashy appearances, water cooling, a 1KW PSU, and a 24″ monitor. Will you see much of a difference? Maybe in numbers, but maybe not quite in physical performance. Sure, you have a larger monitor, more graphics power, and I guess more of everything. But does that really justify the cost difference of $1800? Sure, you can play all the games at max settings, you can multi-task a lot, and all that good stuff. But in my opinion, there isn’t that much physical performance difference that will justify the ridiculous cost difference between the solid and enthusiast machine. You can have the bragging right of having the largest 3D Mark score in your group of friends, but you will also be the one with all the extras you do not need. I don’t think it’s much of “what you want” issue anymore, now it’s the issue of “what you need”.

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