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Gadgets Today: Useful Vs Fun Gadgets
Gadgets Today: Useful Vs Fun Gadgets

Gadgets Today: Useful Vs Fun Gadgets

Since part of my daily job is to scatter the web and find the newest and most awesome  gadgets  and new technologies meant to make our lives today easier I have to say that there are a lot of creative and fun  gadgets  among the useful  gadgets  that I’m specifically looking for.

While all fun and games, a great part of these new  gadgets  lack a great deal on utility.

As an example, a few days ago I’ve stumbled upon a very clever and ingenious ice cream lock device with a cipher so that you can assure that no one steals a spoon or two from your delicious ice cream cup. The funny message “I’m terribly sorry, but there’s no U in my pint” was even more clever than the device itself.

Still, when taking a second look at it, I (as well as many others) figured you don’t need to know the cipher code to cut open the ice cream cup with a knife (in case of emergency, of course). I know, I know, the owner would find out he was ice cream robbed in the end, but the thief wouldn’t care, would he?

However, the point is that this and some other  gadgets  today are only meant to make you put on a big smile and these are the fun  gadgets . They lack in utility and they do not find solutions for today’s problems, but simply look for fun ways to cope with everyday situations.

Still, useful  gadgets  are meant to find smart yet simple solutions for people today. One of the coolest innovation in the  gadget  world today that I’ve recently found on the web is a hands free support for the iPad, so that you can lay in bed and watch movies and videos and never have a numb hand from holding the iPad in an uncomfortable position ever again. This is by far a clever solution for a current situation settled by a useful  gadget .

While utility focuses on finding solutions and improving our lifestyle, fun is mostly about stuff that have a cool, perhaps unique design and perhaps alternatives to things and objects that already exist. As a conclusion, the world could do without the fun  gadgets  today but would it be as cheerful and full of creative options and alternatives?

When reality is to plain and all figured out, there is a crave for fun and new stuff that make us think “this is so cool” and give us a new reason to smile and go on. And then again, utility may be decisive in purchasing a product for yourself for using it.

Do not worry, you don’t need to choose between the two, not just now. But keep in mind that there are things that look good and don’t do anything for you and others that have a purpose to them.

In the vast world of  gadgets  today do not go for the first thing you see, take a second look around and then decide if you wish to have it and if it serves you any good. Or else you’ll end up broke.

Welcome to the era of useful  gadgets  and fun  gadgets  altogether!

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