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Golf GPS or Laser Rangefinder?

Modern golfers are finding the need for high tech gadgets to speed up their golf rounds. We are a tech crazy culture, and golf has never been left behind. New high tech clubs and balls; and now high tech distance range finding equipment. It makes sense, we love golf, we love high tech, and we love to compete; golf rangefinders satisfy our desires.

While the above paragraph is written in a flip manner and we could, of course, do without such high tech equipment; these little devices do help the average player speed his game and shoot lower scores. And we golfers will do anything to shave a couple of strokes and get home to our family a half an hour early. So golfers are embracing the new laser range finders and the golf GPS units. Let’s face it, pacing off yardage is time consuming and inaccurate. I am always amused when I am playing a new course with a local member and he tells you things like; this hole plays a little shorter than the marker says, or you may need more club than you think. Are any of these fairway markers ever right? And to be fair, I am never in the fairway, so my pacing back to the plaque is never correct. But these new devices are it! Absolutely it!

I played all of last year with a handheld golf GPS unit, and I was amazed. I was actually hitting greens and making pars and birdies. My handicap was reduced and I went from a somewhat deliberate player to a speedy pants. At the same time one of my buddies in the foursome got himself a laser rangefinder and he started to shoot lower scores and play faster too. I really love this game improvement. I have always been a kind of snooty nose about golf purity, but I like the results I am seeing with this technology. The golf GPS lets me glance down, see the yardage, pull a club and fire. My buddy with the laser range finder does the same, except he needs line of sight. If he is behind a hill he just pops on top of the hill, shoots the flag and then paces back to his ball. He is a perfectionist, I just want the front, back and center of the green, after that I can guess pretty close as to where the pin is. On the other hand, he can shoot bunkers from the tee, or in front of the green, whereas my inexpensive golf GPS only has certain points plotted. However, some of the more expensive golf GPS units will give you the distance to any place you can touch, but I will have to wait until next year to get one of those.

So my advice is to get one, you will love it. I like the golf GPS, but Bushnell makes a laser rangefinder with slope determination now, which is very cool. The slope feature lets you shoot an up-hill, or down-hill pin and will give you the effective yardage the hole will play, so you do not have to guess how much up-hill, or down-hill you are. On the GPS side, the new OnPar golf GPS will keep your score, measure your shots, and even give you club selections, all at a single touch. The best news is that you can save strokes and time with inexpensive units; you do not need to get all of the bells and whistles. I am a believer, golf GPS and golf laser rangefinders are here to stay.

Source by Daniel Mullen Morgan

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