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Home Theaters – Your Ticket to a Home Buyer’s Heart
Home Theaters – Your Ticket to a Home Buyer’s Heart

Home Theaters – Your Ticket to a Home Buyer’s Heart

Specialty rooms are becoming quite popular these days. One of the most desired specialty rooms amongst home buyers is that of the home theater.

More than a just living room, media rooms are miniature movie theaters that can give you the ground shaking experience that until now you could only find in a cineplex.

Why do home buyers want media rooms? In the past, only the very wealthy were able to afford a home theater. It was the symbol of ultimate luxury. Now however, new technologies are allowing homeowners from all walks of life to have a media room of their own. High definition televisions with towering screens, speakers and sub woofers that vibrate the entire room; these new innovations come in a variety of budgets and styles, which makes the home theater something that almost any family can have for themselves.

The advantage of a home theater is that it takes away the hassle of going to the movies. At home, there are no lineups, no risk of the show selling out, no sticky, gum-covered floors, no overpriced snacks, and you get to decide what time to start the flick.

For homeowners on a modest budget, a home theater can either reside in a spare room, or you can make a few alterations to the living room. You don’t need to completely renovate in order to have a decent home theater.

One of the first things that you need to do is to block out light during screenings. Nothing interrupts the flow of a movie like sunlight glaring on the television screen. Light blocking shades or drapes will do wonders for your home theater. Simply open them up when the movie is over, and you’re back in your bright and cozy living room.

Having a good television is also key. Get the largest and clearest screen that your budget allows. Set the piece up in the center of the room, preferably right at eye level. Check it from every area of the room to make sure that no one’s view will be blocked.

Next is sound. One of the best parts of watching a movie in a professional theater is the rumbling of the soundtrack. You feel as though you are in on the action. To duplicate this feeling at home, have speakers mounted throughout the room, to give the surround sound feel. Also, add a sub woofer or two to so that everyone can experience the thundering sound vibrations.

Many household rooms have poor acoustics for watching movies. Echoes or sound transfer from other areas of the house can interfere with the movie experience. Improving acoustics can be as simple as adding carpet or area rugs to the room, and to add bookshelves and other items along the walls to soak up the sound.

Get a few affordable accessories like an old-fashioned air popping popcorn maker to add to the authentic movie theater feel. Hang a framed movie poster or two, and make sure there is lots of comfortable seating around.

If you are converting your family room to a theater, you don’t want to to lose the original purpose for the room. When not huddled around the television set, you want to be able to hold conversations, read, or play games. Buyers in particular will want to see that the room has versatility. Get furniture that is comfortable, but can easily be arranged to encourage conversation when shows aren’t playing.

For homeowners with a large budget, you can really go to town with your home theater. Set aside a room large enough to house you and all your friends. Fill it with comfortable, reclining chairs. Have light blocking features, and a top notch stereo system. There are plenty of   high   tech   gadgets  for the home theater, including remote controlled temperature and volume controls, and curtain closing and opening features. Think about your favorite cineplex, and try to recreate the atmosphere at home.

Keep the design elements simple. A neutral palette is best, so your guests will focus on the show rather than the room. Keeping things simple is also a benefit when showing your home to potential buyers. Many are in the market these days for a home theater, but some are not. They will want to see the full potential of the room, and not feel that they are tied to your designs. Neutral colors and making changes that aren’t necessarily permanent are the best route to take with your media room. That way you and your family can enjoy the movie experience at home, and buyers can decide for themselves if a home theater is right for them.

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