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Hot Christmas High Tech Toys
Hot Christmas High Tech Toys

Hot Christmas High Tech Toys

This year’s  high   tech  toys show how far technology has advanced and how miniature it has become.

Robots, which a few years ago would not have been imaginable, are now a reality and can be played with, or even built, by your children. These robots come in all kinds of shapes and sizes – dinosaurs, robots and Sesame Street characters. But more importantly, they are all affordable.

This new technology is amazing and will help your children grow as well as entertain.

Take these examples –

Fisher Price Elmo Live

With Elmo Live, your children will marvel at how he crosses his legs, moves his arms and mouth, and turns his head all while tirelessly telling fascinating stories, singing songs and playing games. It’s like having another friend in the room.

Elmo is just the friend your children need to motivate them to learn important information they’ll need throughout their lives.

Pleo the Dinosaur is like having another pet. It has six microprocessors to control its actions and movements. It also has built-in data ports and a mini USB port for online downloads.

Pleo’s sophisticated sensory system consists of nearly 40 devices that enable him to see, sense, touch, and detect objects in order to move about by himself and explore his environment WITHOUT requiring any remote control. And if another Pleo Dinosaur approaches he will recognize and interact with him.

Pleo also microphones on both sides that give him stereophonic hearing, allowing him to detect sound direction and loudness through both ears.

All in all, Pleo Dinosaur has over 100 custom-designed gears and 14 motors for highly-articulated movement. Each motor has a feedback sensor that allows the dinosaur to detect being picked up. (He can even sense if someone grabs him real hard and will react accordingly.)

Lastly, there is the Mindstorms NXT by Lego. As would be expected, Legos are used to build the body, but then comes the technology.

The Mindstorms has seven ports for connecting motors and sensors, like, Touch, Light, Sound, and Ultrasonic.

The sensors enable the robot to feel and react to the environment, react to sounds, detect light and color, and also judge distance and react accordingly. The Mindstorms NXT controller coordinates all these things in addition to its servo motors which make it move exactly where you (or it) wants to go. You can even download programs from the net and send them to the robot.

The combination of all of these bits allows the Lego Mindstorms to be built in any number of different combinations. Some have built climbing robots and even Rubik Cube solvers. It all depends on the ingenuity of the builder.

While Elmo and Pleo may be more suitable for younger children, they certainly would be enjoyed by those of any age.

As for the Mindstorms, youngsters, teens and even adults would enjoy the many possibilities that can be enjoyed with them.

Technology, how amazing – where will it all end?

Source by Bruce Dinger

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