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Microwave Oven – The High Tech Kitchen Appliance
Microwave Oven – The High Tech Kitchen Appliance

Microwave Oven – The High Tech Kitchen Appliance

Invented by Dr. Percy Spencer just after the World War II, the microwave oven has come a long way to become a popular kitchen appliance at present. At the beginning these high-tech ovens were so expensive that they were out of reach of the average household. However, the technology improved and the prices came down to affordable levels later. Today these ovens are used most often to warm previously cooked food. They are manufactured by a number of companies and are available in different sizes.

Since the microwave oven heats food by high frequency heating, it never heats food to very high temperatures the way conventional ovens do. Instead, it is able to heat food very quickly and uniformly to a temperature just above the boiling point of water. Therefore, the food seldom caramelize or gets the brownish over heated color. This property is the one that makes them more suitable for re-heating cooked food left in the refrigerator.

Though there are claims that preparation with the use of microwave ovens damage food, there is hardly any evidence to prove this point. However, it is believed that the damage caused to food with the usage of microwave is minimal as the food is heated to lower temperatures and for shorter periods of time. As such, it is believed that this is the best method to cook vegetables. Since vegetables have lots of water in them the cooking becomes easier with the use of microwave heating.

Due to the fact that the heating mechanism of these ovens is able to bypass the kitchen ware in which the food is left and heat the food directly, they show increased efficiency when compared to conventional ovens. Normally, an average microwave oven used in a household takes up around 1100 watts of power. But when you consider the heat being used, it is evident that around 700 watts of power is utilized to heat the food. Out of the balance, some energy is used to operate the turn table on which the food is left. Some power is also utilized for the cooling fan of the heating mechanism. Only a little of the energy is wasted.

Since these ovens are available cheaper these days, it is worth having one in your kitchen. They are cheaper to operate as they consume comparatively small volumes of power for shorter periods of time. In addition to that they are cleaner and are easier to use.

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