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Purchasing a Computer Tower Stand
Purchasing a Computer Tower Stand

Purchasing a Computer Tower Stand

When building a  computer , most people do not give the stand too much thought. However, it is an important part of any  computer   and  will affect what type of  computer  can be built as well as its operation.

Basically, a  computer  can be divided into three sections. One of them is the monitor which is also known as the display unit. Then there are the input and pointing devices (the keyboard and the mouse respectively). Finally, there is the stand which houses the ever-important motherboard that holds the CPU and memory. It also contains the power supply unit (PSU). These stands are known by various names including tower cabinets  and  tower stands as well as  computer  cases.

For those who have waited a long time to update their  computers , there are many increases in speed  and  features that are waiting to be had. Increasingly, older games and other programs are not going to run with a dated, slow CPU and motherboard. Also, while an older monitor  and  other devices will likely work with a new motherboard  and  CPU, there is a good chance the newer motherboard will not mount properly in an old  computer  stand.

Stand Selection

For those who have decided to purchase a new  computer  tower stand for these or other reasons, they are likely to find more choices than they expected. Times have changed  and  the  computer  towers are no longer the dull grey boxes they used to be. They are available in different color schemes that can enhance the look and feel of any room. Some of them even come in multi-color schemes. However, there are a few things that need to be confirmed before making any purchase which are more important than the glitz.

One is to ensure that there are an absolute minimum of two slots for mounting cooling fans. The modern generation CPU’s generate lots of heat and thus the cabinet needs to have adequate ventilation.

The next thing to watch out for is the number of extra bays. There is always the chance that the  computer  will need an additional hard drive or other device in the future,  and  these cannot be added without bays.

A good power unit is critical. It may be best to purchase a stand without a power unit and buy it separately. This way, one can insure they are getting a good unit that will keep noise and power consumption as low as possible.

For easy of maintenance, ensure that the stand can be opened without any fuss and that areas that might need servicing can also be accessed easily. Some stands even come with LCD displays on the front that displays the interior temperature.

Whatever cabinet is chosen, keep in mind that it is a critical part of any  computer .

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