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Technology Surveys Show Americans Pro-Computers
Technology Surveys Show Americans Pro-Computers

Technology Surveys Show Americans Pro-Computers

The Internet is full of pornographic material. Shocking, I know — water is still wet, the sun remains hot, and gravity? I just tossed a handful of popcorn out the window, and it’s going strong. Despite the risk of exposure to lurid material, however, technology surveys indicate that Americans are largely in favor of the computer revolution.

A love of technology, surveys suggest, transcends cultural, racial, regional and age groups. A poll by National Public Radio indicates that Americans of all stripes have a positive outlook towards the Internet and computers, despite an awareness of the potential dangers, recommending instead greater governmental protection. These dangers include the aforementioned pornography, exposure to viruses, and a greater vulnerability to fraud and identity theft.

Not all groups consume have the same consumption of technology, surveys showed. Three groups that were less likely to use computers were those with less education or lower income, and those over the age of 60. Only half of Americans under 60 with incomes use a computer at work, compared to 80% of those with higher incomes. Those making less were only half as likely to use an Internet connection at home. Despite the discrepancy, most Americans under 60 are using computers in large numbers. However, older Americans, technology surveys indicate, are somewhat left out of the loop. They’re only half as likely as their younger counterparts to have ever used a computer.

While there remain differences in the computer usage between groups, technology surveys indicate that people in the United States, as a whole, think that these innovations have improved their lives. While many acknowledged concerns and drawbacks, it seems computers are here to stay.

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