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The World Behind a Computer Screen
The World Behind a Computer Screen

The World Behind a Computer Screen

Undoubtedly, globalization has changed all the concepts of how people interact with each other and manage their times throughout the day. In our modern society, an individual is capable of taking several decisions regarding different segments of his life without leaving his smart device. The cellphone alongside with the internet have developed mechanisms that allow different people with different interests, opinions and beliefs express themselves incredibly fast. It provided several benefits, such as communicating with different people, from different places, in different time zones. However, it was also the trigger for some issues.

This technological revolution made incredibly easy to express yourself: With only one click, you can expose your beliefs, pillars and rights. As a consequence, people turned out to act like saints and devils at the same time. You might be asking yourself what it means to be a saint and devil at the same time. Here is what it means: On Facebook, everyone is a saint, who fights for human rights, poverty and peace, condemning those who are not as pure as they are. Every action can be considered racist, offensive or homophobic and even if you did not mean to say that, I am telling you my friend; the “judges” will be there looking and pointing fingers at you.

The definition of hypocrisy, directly from Google, stands for the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform. That is exactly where I am trying to get. Because, it is funny that most of the time, those people who are claiming for world’s peace and human rights, are the same people who park their car in the handicapped parking spot, or are even the ones who talk something bad about their own friends and family. I honestly think that if most people were the person who they pretend to be on social media, there would be no wars, poverty and or madness. The world is much more beautiful on a computer screen.

Please, do not get me wrong, I am not trying to say that people should stop posting positive things or fight for their rights. Furthermore, do not think I am perfect, because I am far from that, in addition, I might have done the same at some point on my social media page. However, I realized how annoying it was and how hypocrite I was turning to be. My main point and what I am trying to communicate is that those who actually care about the world are too busy trying to change it, therefore do not play the “Facebook Activist” role, because we are all tired of this play.

Our generation lives in a status that people are constantly trying to prove themselves. People just need to be who they are without trying to impose dogmas and criticisms on others. Therefore, because of the aforementioned reasons, facts and explanations, just implement the values which you believe to be the right ones without imposing and exposing them to the whole world. Being honest to yourself is the first step to change a whole problem. Before posting something in our social media page, whether it is a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. we should ask ourselves: Am I going to offend someone? What is the purpose of my post? Deeply inside, you ask yourself before you criticize others: Do I have credibility? Well, if you actually need some time to think about it, you probably should not post it. And remember guys, character is molded by actions and not posts.

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