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Thin Is ‘In’ For Technology
Thin Is ‘In’ For Technology

Thin Is ‘In’ For Technology

Bulky, heavy electronic devices are being cast aside in favor of slim, streamlined models. A number of new products on the market are setting the bar for the new size  and  shape of  technology .

Two of the most popular  and  pervasive electronics, televisions  and   computers , have been among the first to embrace thin  technology . Flat panel television sets have been on the market for the last couple of years, and continue to get thinner. Laptops have long been the thinner, portable cousin of desktop  computers .

Now laptops have been taken to the next level of thin with the introduction of the MacBook Air.  Technology  innovator Apple has reworked its popular MacBook into a laptop so thin it can fit into a standard legal-size envelope.

In addition to being easier to carry around, these slim devices reflect a new aesthetical ideal. Gone are the days of the brightly colored Mac  computers  that stand out in a room. People want electronics that fit and flow more seamlessly in with their personal style.

This is particularly evident in flat panel television sets. Thanks to their thin width these new models take up the same amount of space as a framed painting. Thin TVs can even be hidden behind wall art to further mask their electronic presence.

To ensure a slim TV is no more space-consuming than wall art, companies are developing thin mounting devices that further adhere to the streamlined aesthetic. Mounting solutions provider Chief Manufacturing recently released the Thinstall Mount Series of thin TV mounts. These mounts are less than the width of a penny and are easy to install.

Thin electronics don’t compromise on features in spite of their minuscule widths. MacBook Air still provides a user-friendly screen and keyboard size. Flat panel televisions are available in a wide range of screen sizes to fit any room. Thinstall mounts are sturdily constructed to securely mount any thin TV model.

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