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Timex Ironman Watches – High Tech Training Aids
Timex Ironman Watches – High Tech Training Aids

Timex Ironman Watches – High Tech Training Aids

Timex Ironman watches are specifically designed for the extreme athletics of the Ironman competitions. These athletic events include swimming (usually in the ocean or a lake), biking and running a marathon. As you can imagine the amount of training needed to get in good enough shape to compete in Ironman is immense. Athletes must be in top shape to even consider competing and then they must train to get their bodies conditioned to compete in all three events. To do this they must carefully monitor their time and bodily functions – specifically their heart rate.

Timex Ironman watches contain features such as heart rate monitors and lap timers to help in this training process. Many of the Ironman styles are solar powered, containing a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that pulls its power from light. All Ironman models are completely water resistant – they are designed to be worn throughout the training process to help you monitor every step (or breast stroke) of the journey to competition readiness. All of the Ironman watches are functionally advanced sports watches that have all of the features you would expect including stopwatch and timer functions. The Ironman Trail Runner offers GPS for off road training.

The newest innovation in Timex Ironman watches is the iControl series which is designed to wirelessly link to your iPod or iPhone while in airplane mode. With a Play/Pause button right on the watch face you can tuck your iPod securely away and easily control your music while you run, bike or swim. It is innovations like this that have kept Timex at the forefront of watch making in the USA for over 150 years. To make one of their famous watches, Timex begins with a commitment to durability, builds on a dedication to functionality and ends with a dash of style.

Training for the Ironman competitions is grueling and difficult. Only a small fraction of athletes in the world today can compete equally well in the water, on a bike and in the marathon. For those dedicated athletes Timex is proud to produce a line of watches specifically designed to serve as training aids. If you are in training for Triathlon or are considering taking up the sport check out the full range of Timex Ironman watches for men and women. To succeed in Triathlon you need every possible edge – training to a specific plan is easier with a Timex Ironman watch giving you audible alerts and keeping you on course.

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