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Tips to Make Your Computer Faster
Tips to Make Your Computer Faster

Tips to Make Your Computer Faster

Nowadays speed and agility are essential parts of day to day life especially when we talk about computers and internet. Gone are the days of dial-up internet and 133Hz Pentium processors. Thank God for Broadband and multi-core processors. But despite all the technology available to make our computers faster with time they tend to slow down. What to do then?

In this article I’ll give you some tips to improve the processing speed of your computers. These tips are more or less in chronological order and when you reach the end of this article you will understand why.

Removing Temp Files

Many people are not even aware they exist, but they and with time they occupy huge slots of space within hard drives and start to slow computers down.

There is a simple and easy solution for this problem and it is called Ccleaner. This software is free to download and will clean up all the unwanted Temp files from your hard drives and optimise your computers performance which leads us to my next tip.

Where to find Ccleaner?

Simply do a search in Google and many download options will show up.

Optimising Performance

It sounds geeky but it is also fairly simple. To optimise performance you need to defrag your disks. Wait don’t panic!

Assuming that you use Windows, go to the start menu, all programs, accessories, system tools and select disk defragmenter. Run it but first make sure all programs are closed, it might take some time so I recommend living it running when you go to sleep. You can also schedule auto-runs, that you way you machine is always optimised to its best performance

SDD RAM Memory Upgrade

This one is a little more complicated and you will require the assistance of an IT Man or your local computer repairs man. If you installed many games, heavy software’s like Photoshop for instance you might notice that your computer is running slower when you play or run this programs. This is because they are using most of your computer memory the SDD RAM Memory.

To solve this problem you need to buy and install more SDD RAM Memory cards and to do that you will need professional help. Contact your IT Man or local computer repairs guy and he or she will be able to assist you in the best options available for your computer and more importantly mother board.


Again I suggest you seek professional help for this one. Formatting is in other words restoring your computer to factory settings. By doing this all the data will be erased so make sure you ask whoever does that to you to backup the files and folders you don’t want to be erased.

Buying a new computer

This is my last resort! If you have the money to spare why not buy newer and faster computer but remember the first two tips should be done periodically to any computer be it new or old.

Source by Thomas Tucker Bogan

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