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Why Are Computers Important?
Why Are Computers Important?

Why Are Computers Important?

We live in a world of  computers . Whether we like it or not,  computers  are here to stay  and  are going to be around long after you and I are long gone.

I remember when I first started playing on the  computer . Do you? I didn’t know anything about them.  Computers  are one of those things where the more you doodle with them, the more you learn. Granted they can be intimidating at first, but the longer that you plug away at them, the better you’ll get. (Just like anything else I suppose.)

I started learning about  computers  late. My little cousins knew more about them than I did. What a shame. If I knew that  computers  would be that important as I grew older in life, I would of taken the time to learn more about them.

For anyone out there that doesn’t know much about  computers , I recommend trying to learn as much as you can. I’m not saying be a  computer  expert or anything like that. Just learn the basics, Like sending an e-mail, basic typing, copy and paste, etc. When ever you have time. It will help out a lot.

Better yet, If you know any older people in you life, then maybe you can pass on the message about  computers   and  how important they will become.( I think about my mom as I write this article)

Almost everybody I know has a  computer . It seems like it’s soon going to become mandatory that every household in the world has one. You never know, maybe by the year 2015, they will. Who knows?

Just one piece of info. that I’d like to give you before I close this article. I Googled “How many internet users in the world” and according to World Internet Usage Statistics there are over 1,000,000,000 (one billion). My friends that is a lot!

So….The  Computers  age is only gonna get bigger  and  bigger as the years move on. I think this a very good reason to get some kind of  computer  skills under you belt. Both old and young.

Thank you for spending your time with me!

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